My Life In God's Hand

I can't imagine a life without God. Evrey single breath that I take, I owe it to Him.

Every beat of my heart, it hangs on His mercy.

Every tiny vein in my body, He holds it for my blood.

Everything that runs in me, is His grace, His mercy towards me.

God is my life, my soul and body, my all.

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Comments (10)

  1. dincali


    December 06, 2013
  2. briton

    He loves you just as much as you love him.

    December 06, 2013
  3. wirelessguru1

    That’s because God = I AM! LOL!!!

    December 08, 2013
  4. rebel62

    i-write125, Could you be a little more specific, there are thousands of god’s, which one in particular are you speaking of and is he perfect ?

    December 09, 2013
    1. briton

      The creator of the universe is perfect by definition and he isn’t brainlesshuru.

      December 10, 2013
      1. briton

        Perish the thought.What a sick joke fom a sick joke.

        December 10, 2013
      2. wirelessguru1

        briton = evil

        December 10, 2013
      3. rebel62

        Briton or should I say dullton, if a god is perfect why would he need anything from us? A perfect god would have no need for anything because he has all, as he is perfect. So it would be stupid for someone to think a perfect god would get lonely and create pets he calls man and then punish them forever is they do not worship him correctly. Your not that stupid are you? I would guess you are but I just want to here it from you. I know I should not pick on the mentally retarded but sometimes it’s fun I have to admit. Briton=dumb as a box of rocks.

        December 10, 2013
        1. wirelessguru1

          Come on, of course briton is THAT STUPID! He stupider (dumber) than you! LOL!!!

          December 10, 2013
      4. rebel62

        Your a brainlesshuru.

        December 10, 2013
  5. briton

    Time will tell

    December 14, 2013