Thank You Lord, It's Friday

The sun has just set.  Another week to thank the Lord Almighty for His guidance,protection and sustenance. As I watched the golden sun get down in the western horizon, my mind raced back to my own life this week. I reflected on the events of my life--a super busy life actually. As I did that, I asked myself these questions;

1."Have I been of help to someone this week?"

2. "Was I able to lighten someone's burden?"

3. "Have I been kind to my students from Day 1 to 5 ths week?"

4. "Did I serve God diligently as I went about my duties during the week?"

5. "Have I done any service tomy fellowman?"

6. "Am I worthy to be called a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N?"

7."Do I deserve to hear God's words, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant', enter thou...

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  1. briton

    Up bright and early tomorrow at the crack of noon!

    July 19, 2013
  2. tmar

    mine is a little earlier but such is life all are not equal in their sleep regiments. How is brit these days?

    July 19, 2013