You Are God's Vessel

      Have you ever thought  why you and  I are here in this earth? Have you tried to consider how your own life has been useful in some ways? Maybe it's nice to do some real thinking for a while. I am talking to all christians in this respect.

     You and I have a mission to fulfill as we live our lives in this world.  God did not just send us here to be useless. He allowed us to survive out of the millions of cells that came aong with us.  A reason why God would want us to fight our Enemy--so we can fulfill His purpose in our lives.

    We are here for a purpose-a very important one. Each of us has been assigned by God to become a channel of God's grace. He created us to become His vessels whereby His blessings can pour to others through us. But the question for us to consider now is, "how is our being a vessel?"  Are we effective as His vessels?  Have we or are we trying to be the vessel God wants us to be?

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